Terms of Sale

RSL Business is the right eCommerce platform for brands that are looking to expand their businesses online. We have supported more than 3000 firms to be popular online brands. Our user-friendly interface allows a seller to build their own eCommerce websites within minutes. Any seller can add more than 1000 products to our site and sell them with our support. We help our associated sellers at every step and let them grow by leaps and bounce. At RSL Business, we power 2000+ online stores all over India.

For the smooth operation of our eCommerce business and excellent relationship with our sellers and buyers, we have developed an electronic record of Terms of Sale. In these terms, a user (whether he is a registered or guest user), who buy several products from our associated sellers on the site located on the url http://www.rslbusiness.com/ or mobile app is known as buyer and the seller is referred to as an individual, who lists his products for sale, advertisement, or etc. at our website is referred to as seller.

Offer & acceptance of products

The associated sellers have to follow our terms for sale and provide discounts or offer to draw customers to purchase the products they are looking for.


  • At RSL Business, we value the intellectual property rights of our associated sellers. A seller can contact us by filling the form when they think that their rights of intellectual property has been violated by us.
  • The vendors need to ensure the quality and availability of their products. They have the right to cancel an order in case of product unavailability
  • Products should be like the one as per the mentioned descriptions and specifications.
  • The products must be free from any encumbrance.
  • Buyers should have the right to enjoy the possession of the products they have bought.
  • The price of products should include all taxes like GST.