About Us

At RSL Business, every product you come across is Hand-picked and 100 percent genuine - procured directly from the popular brands and their authorized dealers from India and abroad, only for you.

Start your online shopping journey with one of the most leading and fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in India and have a hassle-free shopping experience. Plunge yourself in the pleasure of browsing your favorite products of both national and international brands in clothes, lifestyle, electronics, foods, and supplements.

With millions of users and more than 3,000 sellers, RSL Business is an ideal online store for Internet users. We deliver products in maximum villages, towns, and cities across India. Also, we ship consignments to the doorstep of our overseas buyers within the stated time. In our journey from inception to now, we have partnered with many investors and individuals. Day-by-day, we are growing and stepping up on the path of success.


Our Mission & Vision


At RSL Business, we aim to be the first choice of customers who are to buy clothes, foods, electronics, and food supplements. We are determined to serve you with the best quality products at prices you love through discount offers and deals.


To create the most trusted and hassle-free online shopping platform that will transform the experience of buyers and sellers.

MD Message

In today’s world, employment is a crucial need. With it, a person can survive and live in this world by fulfilling his/her daily requirements, like food, clothes, education, and entertainment. It helps a society go ahead and contribute to the development of a country.

With employment in mind, I laid the foundation of RSL Business, which is now one of the most reliable e-stores, ten years ago. Gradually, we have grown a lot and are on the path of expansion with the blessings of God and our wellwishers. Our business is one of India’s top 20 leading eCommerce companies. Even being in the top leading eCommerce businesses, we are still working on our aim of establishment and helping the young generation to get employment abroad and settle there.

I would like to thank all our associates for having trust in us and cooperating with us to attain our organizational goals.